An Accurate Height Chart Perfect to Decorate Kids Nursery and Wall Interiors to Update Kids Height

With very little money and a lot of innovation mixed with creativity, you can choose to turn your child’s room into something magical and delightful. Using various affordable kids’ room decor ideas, you can convert your kids’ room into something worthy for an everyday great experience. 

When you look back in your past, you shall remember how your room looked when you were a kid. Well, being truthful, it nowhere looked like these colorful, creative, and undeniable spaces. These super stylish kids’ bedrooms might require a course of continuous editing, inspiration, and good interior taste. There are several ways to incorporate very qualitative and innovative ideas in these rooms in ways you can’t even think of. These products usually have multiple uses as these not only enhance the appearance and look of the room but also serve the purpose of furnishing or measurement or storage too. One such product is the use of a hanging height ruler wall sticker.

About Hanging height measuring ruler wall stickers

Most parents aspire to keep a track of their child’s growth through height measurement. This undoubtedly is a good way to see how their kid is flourishing. And to their goodness, you have this hanging height measuring ruler wall sticker. This is a commonly used décor decorator is a beautiful wooden wall sticker. These mostly fit into small spaces and provide thermal decorations that allow children to enjoy their childhood while having a track of their continuous growth.

These are available in various hand-painted colours, artificial sculptures, or minimalist styles that will warm up the area wherever these are pasted. These are available in various measurements but are mostly 2 meters long and around 21 cm wide. These will help you to get the best tracking of your child’s height.

Pros of using height measuring wall stickers

  • These stickers will provide you with constant height measurement giving insights into the growth of your child.
  • Using these stickers will serve two purposes; it will add a good look to the room as well as a device for height measurement.
  • These will make height measurement a joyful and convenient experience for you and your child.
  • Height measuring stickers are easily available and are removable without leaving behind spots on a painted wall.
  • Another good thing about these is they are made from eco-friendly and recyclable material.
  • These might even last for 4-7 years without even fading a bit.

Cons of using Height measuring wall stickers

As this product does not include any cons but the children grow a tendency of continuous height measurement which makes it quite irritable for their parents to handle, they might end up becoming very conscious of their appearance or height which later on becomes problematic for the child as well as the parent.


Well, using these hanging height measuring charts to perfectly decorate your child’s room would amount to a fun experience. It will also provide a measurement of your child’s height from time to time while having fun on one hand. Whereby, these can be applied to the main role of the bedroom to beautify the walls too.

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