Boat Interior Remodeling Tips and Ideas -

Boat Interior Remodeling Tips and Ideas

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When we first moved aboard, our sailboat interior was a mess and we didn’t have budget to update it. We wanted to go cruising and our priorities were things like new sails, rigging, fiberglass repair, and electronics. As much as I wanted a beautiful yacht interior it was impossible to justify updating the upholstery when we didn’t even have a dependable bilge pump! Fortunately I found some creative sailboat interior renovation ideas and was able to makeover our sailboat for next to nothing.

1. Start By Deep Cleaning

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As un-fun as it might be, a deep clean is the cheapest way to radically brighten your interior. Dirty boat upholstery, mildewed cabin liners, and salt-encrusted hatches made our boat feel damp, dark, and generally unpleasant. Deep cleaning (after years of neglect) drastically improved the boat’s interior appearance and gave me a better idea of where to focus our boat interior makeover.

  • Professionally launder your upholstery
  • Wipe down the cabin liners with vinegar to prevent mildew and mold
  • Wash hatches to maximize natural light
  • Clean under all the cabin soles and the edges of any rotting boards
  • Wash the walls and treat any wood with the appropriate wax, oil, or varnish
  • Scrub out the bilge to prevent that boaty smell.

2. Install Interior Boat Lights

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One of the great challenges of sailboat interior design is lighting. I’ve always felt that living on our sailboat is like living in a basement apartment because it is totally lacking in natural light! One of the quickest ways to brighten things up is to install marine LED lights. You can avoid buying expensive interior light fixtures by using LED strip lights (a.k.a. LED rope lights). Not only are they inexpensive, there are SO many places you can use them on a boat. Buy a roll, cut them to whatever length you need, and stick them anywhere (they’re adhesive-backed which so it’s simple).The key to making LED boat lights look great, is placement.

3. Cozy-Up To New Bedding

Ditch those damp cotton sheets and invest a hydrophobic options like 100% polyester. If you have a vberth or non-standard sized bed, you may want to spend a few extra bucks on custom fitted boat sheets. I know many cruisers who swear by memory foam mattresses and the Hypervent mattress pad for preventing condensation. If you like duvets and comforters, consider a mulberry silk option because it’s mold and mildew resistant.

4. Freshen The Head

Add a splash of color to a dark bathroom with cheerful microfiber towels, Or, if you don’t want to feel like you’re camping, try the more luxurious quick-drying Turkish towels. Tie them in with a cute wall-mounted soap dispenser and a spill-proof whicking air freshener and you’re on your way.

5. Go Galley Gourmet

  • Replace a rusted or dull faucet with a sparkling new one with a pull down sprayer.
  • Splash-out with colorful dish towels
  • Use biodegradable loofas and scrubbies instead of plastic
  • Pick up non-breakable dishware and glassware in fun patterns and designs.
  • Create extra space with chopping board stove and sink covers
  • Add custom knife, wine, and spice racks
  • Add a green bar to keep greens fresh without a fridge
  • These are some amazing boat interior remodeling ideas you can try.

These are some amazing ideas for boat interior remodelling.

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