Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes

Duct tape is commonly found in most homes, but the problem is that most people are not aware of its wild uses. In many cases, thousands of people mostly use their duct tapes when needed, but the rest of the time, it is to gather dust. Hence, it’s now time to let people know that there are several other uses of these tapes that are even much more beneficial and economical.

Therefore, herewith is a list of duct tape hacks you should know.

Making Waterproof Shoe

First and foremost is the fact that you can make a unique pair of waterproof shoes from these tapes. Having a pair of waterproof boots is great, especially if you live in a muddy hood that is always rainy or wet. What are you waiting for? Give it a try, and trust me; you will love it.

Hanging Your Clothes: Duct Tapes

Nothing puts me off like dump clothes scattered all over the house, but thanks to duct tapes because it has given me a much quicker way to dry my clothes under the sun. My point is that duct tape functions perfectly well as the clothesline you have in your backyard. However, the best thing about the former is that you can use it to keep your clothes feeling fresh, even indoors.

Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes
Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes

Making A Cup

You might be wondering how a tape can be used to make a cup, but the truth is that duct tape can help you create a fantastic cup fit for camping. All you have to do is wrap a few pieces on either a cup or a glass, then later remove it after achieving the kind of shape you would like your mug to retain.

Designing Your Old Shirts

Everyone has that old shirt that you don’t feel like disposing of, but also, it is too worn out for you to put on. Worry no more because here is an incredible way to re-design your shirts. All you need is duct tape, some fabric paints, and your old pair of the top.

Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes
Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes

The steps are also simple as you are only needed to create some unique designs, shapes, lines, etc. using the duct tape. After that, you then have to paint your shirt using some fabric paints. That’s all.

Making A Sling: Duct Tapes

A sling is a kind of hanging bandage that is put around the neck to support a wounded arm or hand. I thought it is vital for you to know that. Back to the wild uses of duct tapes is that you can create your home-made sling before seeking medical attention. Moreover, a duct-tape sling is made the same way we make fabric-bandages.

Collecting Pet Hair

If you love pets, it is almost definite that you have a number of them in your home. Being a pet owner feels good, but the problem is that it can sometimes become tiresome trying to keep your pet comfortable and maintaining your home hygiene. However, with just duct tape, you can collect all your pet hair from the floors, couch, bedding, and many more places.

Making Waterproof Cushions

Having some waterproof cushions at home is excellent, especially if you have 1 or 2 toddlers in your house. Using duct tape, you can create some of the unique waterproof cushions for your couch. However, if you don’t like them in your living room, you can use the pillows outdoors, for instance, in your backyard.

Making A Pencil Case: Duct Tapes

A Pencil case is common with people who like using pencils on their day to day activities. Hence, there are several types of pencil cases in the market today. However, with duct tape, you can make your very own pencil case based on your preference. Therefore, with just a Ziploc freezer bag and duct tape, you are good to go. 

You have to cover your freezer bag with several layers of duct tape, leaving the zip to enable you to put and take off your stationery whenever you want to.

Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes
Everything You Should Know About The Wild Uses Of Duct Tapes

Creating A Charging Pouch

We all have smart gadgets that need to be charged regularly. But the problem comes in when your socket is located far from your bed. I know most of us would like to chat while sleeping, but by so doing, you’re straining your charger cable. However, you should worry no more because you can now make your very own charging pouch using duct tape.

Making A Stretcher

A stretcher is one of the emergency tools that we don’t keep in our home, but they are essential though. Therefore, if you have been thinking of buying one from the shop but you don’t have enough money, a home-made stretcher is a must-have for now. This can only be made using two sticks and duct tape wrapped in between the sticks.

Therefore, these are but a few wild hacks of using duct tapes at the comfort of your home. All the above-discussed ideas are things you can try at the comfort of your home. Thus you should give it a try if you don’t mind. Good luck.

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