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Hardware Home Improvement: Wash Basins

Hardware Home Improvement: Wash Basins

The hardware home improvement matching washbasin is usually one of the first furnishings for which one decides in the bathroom design. But this decision is not easy for everyone. Which washbasin materials and washbasin types are there and what you should pay attention to?

Hardware Home Improvement: Wash Basins
Hardware Home Improvement: Wash Basins

Plan The Height Of The Washbasin Appropriately

For people over 1.75 meters in height, however, a sink in 90 centimeters height can be much more comfortable. Be sure to make sure your washbasin is lower or higher so that you can give the installer precise information about the mounting height: Stand in front of the empty wall and extend your arms down in front of you. Raise your hands at right angles and mark the height of your palms. There should be the bottom of the pelvis, otherwise, the bending over soon causes back pain. If you do not want the water to splash down from the sink rim, but rather from a tap in the wall, the pipe must be led upwards – depending on the model and manufacturer’s instructions, 12 to 25 centimeters above the top of the washbasin.

Select Sink Model

Hanging sinks are commonplace, but on many models, there is barely enough space for soap and toothbrush mugs. If you are used to parking your utensils near the grasp, you buy a pool with a wide rim. There are also washbasins with built-in storage custom made. Siphon and angle valves can be hidden behind a hollow column made of ceramic, stainless steel or perforated metal. A built-in sink is sunk in a waterproof plate made of wood or natural stone. Alternative: A unit of solid surface material in which the plate and basin merge into one another seamlessly.

Countertop basins are flat with their entire height on a support plate or a base cabinet – or they are embedded as a semi-built-in sink with a slightly protruding edge in the plate. Wash bowls have the appearance of nostalgic washbowls, a base ring gives the bulbous bottom hold. Stand washbasins can be placed anywhere in the room, the siphon is invisibly in the hollow base. Depending on the design, material and the included mounting accessories, free-standing washbasins cost between 350 and 1,300 euros. Their weight makes them tip over, in addition, they are fixed to the ground. Instead of enclosed washbasins, more and more washbasins are being installed in new bathrooms.

Hardware Home Improvement – Lay Pipes For Washbasins

In an old building bath, you lead the pipes in front of the wall from the old to the new place. Stemming dust in half of the house, so you lay the pipes rather near the floor along the wall and laminate the pipes with a metal stand about a meter high. Anchors fix the stands on the floor and wall, the heavy washbasin holds securely on a crossbar. Insulation material in the cavity of the framework dampens the water noise in the pipes. Close the construction with plasterboard suitable for wet rooms and cover the shell with tiles, wood or a modern panel material.

Concrete sinks can be made individually for you, which means you decide on form and color.

Mirror Above The Sink

If you do not want to stand around on shelves, opt for a mirror cabinet with a shaving kit, body lotion, and hairdryer behind the window. Integrated LED lighting and indirect washer light are standard. Particularly comfortable mirror cabinets are also mirrored and illuminated inside and in addition to sockets have a USB port and a lockable medicine compartment. The face mirror must be above the washbasin, with its lower edge 1.15 to 1.2 meters above the floor covering – try out how you can optimally see yourself. A mirror in the format of the window – hung so that it reflects the view outside – widens the bathroom seemingly infinite. Clear mirrors appear fresh, tinted, making the bathroom intimate and conjuring up a secret.

Light At The Sink – Hardware Home Improvement

Hardware Home Improvement: Wash Basins
Hardware Home Improvement: Wash Basins

Mount in the bathroom only wet room suitable models – better yet splash-proof with the marks of VDE or TÜV. A flat luminaire in the middle of the ceiling provides the general light. Light on the mirror illuminates cosmetic fine work – it should fall on the viewer, not on the glass surface. Also, lights above the mirror cast drop shadows on the face, even one-sided lighting. Cheaper: Two light sources at eye level left and right of the mirror. Indirectly lit LED strips along the floor, under furniture edges or shelves supplement or replace the general lighting. Particularly atmospheric is the light with dimmable light strips and color changers.

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