How Much Would The Bathroom Remodelling Cost?

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Remodelling of the bathroom is essential from time to time. The changes are essential as it brings a lot of newness to the house and mind. The remodelling needs to be done for any reason, such as increasing the maintenance cost or the design has become too old.

The cost of renovating the bathroom should depend on whether you want to renovate the entire bathroom or the few parts of the bathroom. Decide on what kind of materials you want to use for the renovation.

Keep in mind the below points while renovating the bathroom

1) Tiling

Calculate your bathroom area, and hence this will give you the idea of how many square feet of tiles are required in the bathroom. Always add 5 to 10% of a type extra as there might be some breakage during the fitting.

Measure the perimeter of the bathroom and decide the required number of tiles accordingly. The cost of the tile may vary as per the design from 80 Rupees to 200 Rupees. If you are selecting the cost of the tile at 80 Rupees then including labor, it will cost 160₹

2) Sanitary Ware

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The cost of sanitary ware always depends on the type of commodes available in the market. The floor-mounted price will be around 7500 Rupees, and the Wall mount price starts with 10000 Rupees.

The available standard size is 8000 Rupees. Also, as per the design, you can select the type of washbasin you are looking for.

3) Sanitary Fixtures

Sanitary fixtures include the hand shower, overhead shower, taps, and the kind of washbasins. The cost of the sanitary fixtures depends on the type of design you select

4) Electricals

The electrical cost includes the wiring connecting the different switchboards and the lights. You may also need the exhaust fan and the geyser in the bathroom. The electric cost will not be as much as compared to the plumbing. Select the lights wisely, and the fitting cost range from 150 to 200 Rupees for a running foot.

5) Plumbing Cost

It would help if you focused on the plumber cost as it is the major part of renovating the bathroom. The plumbing involves the installation of all the sanitary ware and the centre fixtures, including the pipes. The size of the pipes, the cutting of pipes, and the joining are the various work involved in the. On average, the cost of plumbing would take around 25,000 Rupees per bathroom, depending on the size of the bathroom.


The cost of remodelling the bathroom depends if you are going for any particular changes or the complete change of the bathroom. Depending on the budget select the tiles and the sanitary fixtures which are the major cost that affects your remodelling budget. You need an expert to fix the tiles and to do the plumbing work, and make sure you get the correct person fitting as per the budget.

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