Kitchen Remodeling Budget Ideas

kitchen remodeling budget

Now that we have that settled, let us discuss how you could plan your own kitchen remodeling budget with a limited amount of money. How? With a good kitchen remodeling plan!

Your kitchen remodeling budget will be determined largely by your budget for the major renovations. Major renovations include: new appliances, flooring and wall coverings, cabinets, electrical work, painting, countertops, flooring, plumbing, heating system, electrical work, appliances, cabinets, windows and roofs. For every category of renovation, there is a corresponding budget, so be sure to add them all up before calculating your budget.

Major Renovation Expenses

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Once you’ve figured out your major renovation expenses, figure out your “back” renovation costs at the same time. These include your labor costs (the amount of time and materials needed to complete the project), your minimum price estimate for the kitchen remodeling budget, and the total cost of your total renovation items, including your labor costs, your home improvement store charge and any down payments/fees you need to make. For the purposes of this exercise, the term “down payment” means the total amount of cash you need to complete the project, including your down payment.

The best way to keep your budget in line is to shop around. Compare prices at local builders or kitchen design stores. You may also want to choose another way to save. While you’re paying contractors, are you also hiring your friends and family to help out? Oftentimes, friends and family will have some renovation experience and can work together on a budget as well.

The Size Of The Project

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In addition to shopping around for prices, you’ll want to determine your kitchen renovation budget based on the size of the project. If you have a small budget, then you obviously can’t afford to have a major overhaul like a new kitchen. So how do you go about getting the average cost of a remodel? First, check out the web sites for your local builders. There is usually an online average cost that they provide you to help you get started. They may also provide you with an average cost when it comes to new cabinets.

If your builder doesn’t offer an online average cost, you may want to choose another way to save. Call around or visit some home improvement stores to see if they are giving out discounts on new kitchen cabinets. Oftentimes they will throw in a few dollars for every hundred cabinets you purchase. If this isn’t the case in your area, consider taking the cabinet money and adding it to your budget for remodeling.

Buy Your Materials In Bulk

Another way to save on your budget is to buy your materials in bulk. Not only will you get free shipping, but you’ll be able to cut your costs down by purchasing larger quantities.

When you’re just starting out, you may be hesitant to order large quantities of anything, such as countertops or sinks. However, if you’re building from a kit, you should be able to get a sink or a countertop in your price range.


Other areas you may want to look into when it comes to remodeling your entire kitchen is flooring and installation. Oftentimes when you’re remodeling your entire kitchen, you’ll need to replace your flooring or at least the underlayment. Sometimes, however, the contractor you hired will include the installation of new flooring in the total price of the job. If the remodeling consists mainly of installing new flooring, consider looking into ways of getting free flooring or cheaper materials.

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