Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips I Amazing Renovation Tips

Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips

Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips

The complete renovation of a kitchen involves a lot of costs. In other words, it is better to be well-equipped to succeed in this project: to know what is possible to do, to choose good professionals and to master all the steps of the financing of the work. In terms of kitchen design, today almost anything is possible. Feel free to consider a different arrangement of the existing for furniture, hobs or sink. Take the opportunity to create a practical and aesthetic architectural layout, but always keep enough traffic space.

A kitchen renovation requires a minimum of rigor.

Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips
Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips

Master Your Kitchen Renovation Project

One word of order: make it simple and practical. Optimize the position of the cooking space, the sink, and the worktop. A kitchen renovation costs on average 1,000 euros per sqm. The price will depend on the intervention or not of professionals, but also the quality of the products used.

Electricity: Give Priority To Safety While Kitchen Renovation

Have the control panel checked: you must respect the safety standards. If you want to change your home appliances (fridge, dishwasher, hob, oven, microwave oven, and hood) or even add: will you have enough power to make everything work? The amperage must be adapted. Nothing is more stressful than a power cut on Christmas Eve, when the oven, the dishwasher, the hob, and the robot, but also the electric heater works at the same time! Check product labels to get an idea of their consumption.

Gas Kitchen: Meet The Standards

Never place a water point (sink) within 1 meter of a flame. Respect gas standards for the connection and do not intend to power a piano stove with a gas cylinder: it will empty very quickly. It is imperative to use city gas. 

Evaluate Your Needs To Properly Tidy Up

Everyone has their own cooking habits. However, the minimum equipment for a kitchen to renovate is a cabinet under the sink, a casserole (two doors or two drawers) and one or two high furniture for small dishes. It can be completed by sliding storage for bottles for example.

Master The Lighting Of Your New Kitchen Renovation

Light up the water point as much as possible (if possible, install the sink next to a window). Preferably use clear materials and high lighting: above the sink, worktop and in the center of the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips
Kitchen Renovation: Pro Tips

If You Design An Island, Do It In The State Of The Art

If you want to design an island, allow at least 90 cm to circulate, without stumbling over an obstacle. If you install a cooking space, do not forget to provide the socket for the hood. The power of the hood varies depending on the volume of the room. It is also necessary to take into account the VMC, to avoid sucking the stale air.

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